Если вы решили продать свой Apple гаджет, то мы с радостью приобретем его за адекватные деньги, после проверки в нашей мастерской.
Всем клиентам по записи мы делаем скидку до 10%.
We are here to rescue your Apple gadgets
We've been in business for 6 years, we specialize in Apple repair, nothing else. We are brooming and nurturing every single device which we receive to repair. it's a matter of principle for us to save your gadget.
We will be the honest – we love Apple devices so much, probably more than that – sometimes we are obsessed by them. So we are doing our best to rescue every single broken iPhone, every single cracked iPad and every single water damaged Mac

Frequently Asked Questions
Are you less expensive than the Apple Store?
Of course we are. Moreover we are half of what apple charges, and much much faster.
I spilled beer / wine / water / whatever on my laptop, is it dead?
Don't worry, we can fix it. We specialize in liquid damage repairs, our technicians have special education for that.
Why should I come to you guys over another computer repair store?
We've been in business for 6 years, use only the highest quality parts and know what we are doing. We specialize in Apple repair, nothing else.
How fast can you fix my broken device?
Typically it takes 40-60 minutes, but in complex cases (liquid damage) it can take up to 3 days. No longer.
Most of parts are always in stock, so typically repair takes about 40-60 minutes.
We are ready to come to you, pick up your device, make repair and bring it back. We respect your time.
We have Apple certified technicians, use only the highest quality parts and know what we are doing.
We are also buying your gadgets
If you decided to sell your gadget, then we will gladly buy it after checking in our repair store.
You can always find us on:
Red October
Bolotnaya embankment, house 3c2
Nearest subway stations:
Kropotkinskaya, Polyanka, Novokuznetskaya.
Monday - Friday 12:00 to 20:00
Saturday - Sunday Appointments only.

+7 (495) 101-28-46
Budenovskiy computer center
Prospekt Budennogo, house 53c2
our stores D11, D12, D18 и D19. (cyrillic Д)
Nearest subway stations:
Shosse Entuziastov, Semenovskaya.
Monday - Sunday 10:00 до 20:00.

+7 (495) 799-25-24
They trust us:
We value our customers — whoever they are, private clients or client in well known companies.